Studies and User Research

At Immersion, we know that in order to create good haptic experiences you need to understand human behavior. Research is core to our business and our customers' businesses, and that's why we dedicate resources to continually learn more.

Explore our resource library on haptic technology.

Advancing Haptic Design - Focusing on Human Interpretations of Tactile Effects

Discovering True Emotions in Haptic Tech: A Study in Motivation and Arousal

Enhancing your device design through tactile feedback

Haptics in Touch-Screen Handheld Devices

Tactile feedback in mobile: consumer attitudes about high-definition haptic effects in touch screen phones

Haptic technologies consume minimal power in smartphones

Enabling Compelling Touch Experiences

Based on the learning from our labs and working in the field, we’ve created a robust portfolio of haptic solutions and services to help our customers maximize the value digital touch technology brings to their products and offerings.