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Technical Resources
Mastering Haptics in Automotive – A Session on Haptic Design

Learn about designing haptics for automotive HMIs in this 1-hr online

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Mastering Haptics in Automotive – A Beginner’s Class

Learn about automotive haptics and get a better understanding of what it takes to build a haptic experience in this 1-hr online class.

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Haptic System Design for Automotive Touch Surfaces

Immersion’s haptic system design provides automotive suppliers with the guidance needed to quickly go-to-market with an advanced haptic system for future in-car HMI experiences

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Active Sensing Technology Datasheet

Active Sensing Technology achieves high-definition haptic effects by relying on a sensor to measure and send actuator acceleration data to the IC controller for real-time recalibration.

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High Definition (HD) Actuator Selection and Testing Guidelines

This document outlines the frequency range and acceleration speeds required to produce hi-definition tactile effects in a variety of mobile and handheld consumer electronic products.

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