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Technical Resources
Haptic System Design for Automotive Touch Surfaces

Immersion’s haptic system design provides automotive suppliers with the guidance needed to quickly go-to-market with an advanced haptic system for future in-car HMI experiences

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Active Sensing Technology Datasheet

Active Sensing Technology achieves high-definition haptic effects by relying on a sensor to measure and send actuator acceleration data to the IC controller for real-time recalibration.

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High Definition (HD) Actuator Selection and Testing Guidelines

This document outlines the frequency range and acceleration speeds required to produce hi-definition tactile effects in a variety of mobile and handheld consumer electronic products.

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Advancing Haptic Design – Focusing on Human Interpretations of Tactile Effects

This guidebook explores how we are impacted by touch in the deepest parts of our brains and how we can use the sense of touch to tell our stories in digital products.

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