The DRAMATIC rise in Video Content

Earlier this year, Tim Peterson from AdAge covered the rise in video content posted on Facebook. The statistic is pretty eye opening – “People around the world are posting 75% more videos to Facebook than they did a year ago.”

What does this mean for the video industry as a whole? The good news is that with video is increasingly dominating the web channel, more video is being viewed by consumers. However, this also means that more platforms must be entering into the fray for people to find more time to view it as they go about their daily lives. The shift to mobile first is well underway.

The strategy behind the success of mobile first is completely different from the strategy for the living room – where large screen, high definition and surround sound rules. When it comes to sound in mobile, at best you get noise canceling quality headsets. The worst you can get is the mute button. High definition, big beautiful scenery, dark dramatic setting doesn’t come through on a 5-inch screen.

The focus of experience should be different when it comes to mobile.
– The phone is a personal device. The user relates to their phone at a deeper level.
– With the addition of apps, you can have an experience within an experience.
– It gives you access to world wide web in the palm of your hands
– And most often when you’re using your phone you’re holding it in your hand.

This opens up new types of engagement to explore and leverage in creating an different immersive experience.

The cycle in which a mobile phone is replaced is much shorter than any other big screen. This gives us opportunity to experience with new technology and take advantage of early adoption to really expand the consumer experience to other use cases and devices.

The mobile phone is still very much where innovation is taking place. At Immersion, this is where we are focused, mainly because its ability to reach millions fast and easy.