The story with China: The surge in tactile user experiences

When it comes to China – the competition is hot. Hotter yet is China’s ability to quickly adopt new technology and shake up consumer expectations. Immersion is experiencing this first-hand.

There is an urgency from China businesses to be the first to do the next best thing. In China, the content market is driving growth, and device makers and consumers are clamoring for more – more entertainment, more services, and more games.

This is the right time and climate for game developers and content owners to think about the China market.

Earlier this month, Immersion announced a new collaboration with LeTV, one of the largest media companies in China, to bring tactile-enhanced content to a user base that generates more than 350 million views per month.

LeTV is the first company in China to debut an Immersion-powered tactile video experience on a mobile device through its LeTV video app. Success for Immersion also comes through wins with mobile device makers in China.

With both Xiaomi and Huawei in the fold, Immersion has round out its number of top Chinese smart mobile device makers with the recent announcement of an agreement signed with MEIZU Technology Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of mobile devices in China. Immersion’s TouchSense® technology is featured most recently in the launched MEIZU MX4 Android smart phone. When it comes to haptics, we’re expecting big things to come from China in the near future.