More intuitive interface via touch panel haptics.

Make office equipment easier to use by incorporating tactile effects and feedback into touch panels.

High-quality tactile effects and feedback incorporated into the touch panels of printers, scanners, and copiers create a more intuitive interface and enhance how users interact with office equipment. For example, haptics applied to the flat-screen touch panel provides the sensation of pushing physical buttons on a printer or feeling the clicks to adjust brightness on a scanner. Similarly, when an operator taps the machine’s glass touchpad to direct it to print a document, tactile feedback confirms his action.

The sense of touch can make machines easier to use, more intuitively designed, and more technologically advanced by: •Decreasing input errors through enhanced tactile confirmation •Improving transaction speed, making it fast and easy to get the job done •Adding a sense of comfort and familiarity with tactile feedback replacing physical button and keyboard presses