For over 20 years, Immersion has been delivering haptic technology that brings the sense of touch to digital content, creating experiences that are engaging, impactful and ultimately, more real. Our tools, deep expertise and intellectual property make high quality haptics possible.

Creative Storytelling. Impactful ROI.

Discover what all the buzz is about in MOBILE ADS

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The Big Screen Experience Goes Mobile.

Get dramatic results with haptics in MOBILE VIDEO

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Angry Birds. Happy Users.

Increase revenue and fun in MOBILE GAMES with haptics

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3 Billion and Counting.

Immersion's technology is inside the world's best MOBILE DEVICES

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Technology Has Never Felt Better.

Create WEARABLES that feel every bit as good as they look.

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Game-Changing Technology. Again.

See how we're shaking up GAMING & VIRTUAL REALITY.

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Products & Services


TouchSense Software

Easily integrate haptic effects into your application.

Design Services

Our 20+ years of experience will make you look like an instant haptics expert.

IP Licensing

A variety of licensing packages are available, giving you access to our extensive IP portfolio.

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