At the Heart of Haptic Innovation

To make our mark on the world, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to solving problems.

With backgrounds in software, electrical and mechanics, as well as materials science, our R&D team specializes in usability and multimodal user interface design, actuator design, sensors, integration, material science, real-time simulation algorithms, control, and software development. Their discoveries drive breakthrough products experiences and make new things possible in all areas of haptic development.

Fully Committed to Continuous Innovation

The sense of touch plays a fundamental role in our lives. The question is, which new technological advancements will truly benefit from touch-enabling technology?

We take the learnings and new technology from our labs to broader markets and audiences, continuing to innovate new embodiments and design frameworks for haptic feedback in high-growth and emerging markets.

Keeping Our Finger on the Pulse


We strive to provide developers and designers with the inspiration, technology, and tools they need to implement high-quality tactile experiences on the latest generation of hardware.


In hardware, we understand that each type of actuator has unique properties, which in turn creates a unique set of user experiences. We gladly work with component makers to ensure their devices provide the best haptic performance.

Emerging Markets

In emerging markets, we understand how haptics and touch will play a key role. Touch makes augmented reality (AR) productive, intuitive, and user-friendly. In VR, the sense of touch helps anchor the user into the VR environment and creates presence, enabling a fully immersive experience.

Leveraging Decades of Haptics Research

Research shows the sense of touch enriches lives and digital experiences.

From automotive to AR to medical, if there is human-computer interaction, there is a role for tactile feedback to enhance the experience. Our research program is a fundamental part of our decades-long history and exemplifies our deep understanding of, and commitment to, haptics.

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