We’re Making Gaming and VR More Realistic with TouchSense® Force Technology

Immersion is making it easier than ever to implement haptics into gaming and virtual reality experiences with the launch of TouchSense® Force Technology.

The new solution enables game developers and peripheral manufacturers to take their products to a whole new level and easily create sensations of pushing, pulling, grasping, and pulsing by integrating high-quality touch effects into their games and devices.

Immersion’s new TouchSense Force product suite consists of two evolutionary technologies that enable greater immersion, and true-to-life experiences, in games and VR:


TouchSense Force for Game Developers

Game developers can now efficiently and precisely design and integrate compelling haptic experiences, while ensuring effect consistency across varying APIs and controllers offered by the major platforms.

  • Plugin for Unreal Engine: A powerful tool that makes it simpler for studios to add touch effects to their games. Developers can incorporate haptics into their game, feel it, test it, and play it back on multiple controllers in real-time. This maximizes haptic capabilities of game controllers and enables developers to create and implement in-game haptics with minimal coding.
  • API: Allows developers using custom game engines to get complete control over haptic capabilities with TouchSense Force compatible peripherals.

TouchSense Force for Peripheral OEMs

Peripheral manufacturers can offer new and differentiated haptic experiences that create a competitive advantage, making games come to life. Immersion enables OEMs to develop innovative form factors for next-gen peripherals with new actuator technology, including kinesthetic triggers featuring push and pull capabilities and supporting detents and textures. It offers peripheral companies:

  • Reference Design: OEMs can create next-generation peripherals using Immersion’s solutions and expertise for utilizing advanced haptic technologies.
  • Firmware: Offers the most advanced haptic capabilities, giving greater control and higher fidelity with existing haptic hardware. Designed for more than just gamepads, it can support a variety of embodiments.

Immersion in Gaming

Immersion has a long and rich history in the gaming industry from its early efforts pioneering rumble on the Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox console platforms. For more than 20 years, it has enabled game developers to differentiate their products with high-quality touch effects and recently announced an agreement with Nintendo that allows developers to use Immersion’s TouchSense software suite to design haptics for games for the Nintendo Switch™ system.