Meet Immersions new, all-in-one SDK for mobile haptics

Now it’s easy for Android developers to add haptic effects to mobile games and app content using Immersion’s new TouchSense SDK for Mobile Apps.

This new SDK unifies the functionalities of Immersion’s current TouchSense SDK solutions for Mobile Games and Mobile Video, to create a singular SDK that incorporates both into one, easy-to-use solution.

We heard developers’ feedback loud and clear, and the new SDK aims to address pain points many Android developers face when trying to incorporate high-quality haptics into their mobile app content. Immersion’s TouchSense SDK for Mobile Apps now includes:

  • A consolidated tactile effects library featuring 30 of Immersion’s most popular pre-designed effects
  • New SDK Previewer App – feel the tactile sensation before integration
  • A decreased file size of the SDK to 300K
  • Plug-in for popular developer platforms such as Unity


Immersion’s new SDK Previewer app demonstrates 30 pre-defined haptic effects included with the SDK and provides possible use cases for each, allowing you to experience the tactile sensation before integrating them into your app.

By incorporating haptic effects in your mobile games and app content, you can differentiate your app from your competitors in the Google Play Store. Using haptic effects can help create a more engaging experience for your users, resulting in longer time spent within your app and higher user retention. Mobile games that have included Immersion’s TouchSense Technology have resulted in:

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Players with haptics on were more likely to be First Time Buyers than players with
haptics off.

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Users with haptics on had a significant uplift in retention compared to those with
haptics off.

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Players with haptics on were more likely to spend for the first time, and spend more in-app, than those with haptics off.


*Results From Haptic Gaming Case Study


To start implementing haptics today, all you have to do is download the SDK.

Learn more about Immersion’s TouchSense SDK for Mobile Apps.