The Best Haptic Experiences Start

with Immersion

It’s not hard to make a phone buzz. But the world? That’s different.

It’s the subtle difference you feel as you downshift into a corner.
The heart-gripping sensation of tires at the edge of traction.
The exhilaration of accelerating out of the apex.

It’s mobile gamers who play longer and make more in-app purchases. It’s videos that get shared, over and over.

That’s the difference Immersion makes, in billions of devices around the world.

TouchSense® Platform

Precisely control device actuators to create rich tactile effects, and amazing digital experiences.


For Device Makers

Create amazing consumer experiences by adding Immersion’s haptics technology to your next design.





For Developers

Thrill users by easily integrating haptics into your mobile game, video, or app.



Haptics Gallery

Design Services

Integration Support

We live and breathe haptics. We can help you optimize your hardware design, custom tactile effects, and quickly get your product to market.

  • Integration and design guides (electrical & mechanical)
  • Certification of actuators and motors
  • Test and development kits
  • Design tools and reference designs

User Experience Design

Our experts can work with you every step of the way. We routinely assist customers with validating use cases, customizing tactile effects, and seamlessly integrating them into their content or product.

  • User testing and market analysis
  • Design and prototyping of new technology
  • Interface and tactile effect design
  • UX guidelines and recommendations

IP Licensing

Our team works day and night to create new use cases, develop new technologies, and increase the value we provide to our customers. We’ve developed a comprehensive IP portfolio that spans a variety of markets and uses.

Interested in learning more about licensing options?

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