Sea Hero Quest

With great animated visuals, we created new haptic effects for fictional creatures to highlight their movements in and out of the water.

Compton / Kendrick Lamar

Since most of the video is audio-based, we can assume the viewer must watch the video with audio to fully enjoy it. With initial moments more obvious places for haptics (e.g. the skateboarder), the whistles, drums, chants and movement of dancers later in the piece are enhanced with compelling tactile effects.

How Is Your Body Performing

This music video incorporates more than just audio and instrument playing. Applying haptics to flames, explosions and sparks enhances this video beyond audio to highlight its visual impacts.

Under Armour / Michael Phelps

Here is an excellent example of how we can use haptics to convey movement. There are no obvious visuals other than the actions of the gymnasts. Using a series of common-use haptics for motion, we enable the viewer to feel jumping, flipping and tumbling.

OK GO – Upside Down & Inside Out

Paint splashing, balls flying, multiple dance moves and body motions within an airplane? With its wide array of visuals, this is a music video perfectly suited for haptics. Enhanced with tactile effects, the rich variety of visuals allows us to feel the environment and experience.

Samsung Blind Cap

In this ad, an athlete wears a special swim cap and, with haptics, we feel his strokes and kicks in the water along with the alerts in his cap. We focus more on the swimmer to feel the water as opposed to the technology.

Bob Dylan: Studio A Revisited

This is a very short audio-based video using animations to describe the process. Circular animations trigger various haptic events that mimic the movement of the circles and rings.

Lily & the Snowman

Natural elements such as rain and snow are recreated using haptics. Tactile effects applied to the shadow birds flapping their wings allows us to feel the air being pushed. Limiting haptics on obvious elements enables a comfortable viewing experience.

Falter / Inferno

This unique animation contains recreations of real physical devices and movement. Since the audio is mostly music-based with very little sound effects, the haptics can mimic the sound effects to boost the impact. Limited audio means the visual effects do not have to follow an audio track.

Offf Porto Title Sequence 2015

Subtle haptics were created to enhance movements of colorful ball characters, i.e. bouncing, bumping and spinning. This approach reinforces the effect of using a softer touch.