Lexus Hoverboard

This ad simulates mag-lev technology using slow ramp up and down to simulate hovering. In addition, texture added for water effects showcases a variety of haptic sensations.

Ultimate Death Scene

Sensations of crawling and scraping lend themselves well to haptics. A decaying heartbeat effect can emulate the death of the whale (in this case, a man pretending to be a harpooned whale). As increasingly stronger effects build tension, we show how dramatic haptics can enhance a dramatic video.

Shave Forth

This video features body movement and water elements, including diving, kicking and splashing. These are typical visuals that we focus on when creating haptics. Finding a haptic equivalent to body movement is a challenge. However, when it feels right, as it does in this case, it works.


We use haptics in an attempt to emulate human touch, since that is the entire premise of this video. Using textured effects (as opposed to smooth buzz), we try to best emulate touching and running one’s hand and fingers across the hair-filled surface of the man’s body.


The latter portion of this video showcases athletes and revolves around body movement, jumping, swimming, etc. Discovering ways to emulate movement through haptics is a challenge, but once we determined what worked through trial and error, this haptic design method can be applied to similar visuals in other pieces of content.

Channel 4 Rebrand

This multi-dimensional ad features origami, colorful blocks, nature-based elements, dancing and more. With common use cases for haptics (including water, rain, rocks, plus human interaction and movement), our approach makes this video come to life with haptics.

Absolut India Journey

This is a music video with highly psychedelic colors. Since it is not ideal to create solely for audio elements, the focus was on noticeable patterns and textures that appear within the video. With real-world background scenes presented behind the iconic shape of the Absolute bottle, the combination of elements allows this music video to… Read more »

Tiny Dancer

A spirited girl dances around her house bumping into and, in some cases nearly knocking over, items as she prances and twirls. Since she is quite animated and comedic, we applied haptics to her body movements and the resulting effect they have on the household items in her wake, including a coffee mug, chandelier crystals,… Read more »