June 22, 2017

Eight: Business Cards

Could have gone two ways – music based, or visual basedVisual based allowed for small movements emulating the transfer of the cards which is the focus of the piece.  Human movement (synchronized dancers) allows for a variety of haptics based on what we think the movement would…
June 22, 2017

Iris & Thula

Creating light textures to emulate the brushstrokes establishes a more calming haptic experience.
Light footsteps applied to the cat also enhances this mood. Very light texture haptic events can greatly enhance a video that lacks major moments.…
June 22, 2017


Very light haptic events with a light texture allow the user to feel the blood dripping down the singers forehead. Stronger effects are used when we see scenes from the show that are a bit more visually stronger and require more presence.…
June 22, 2017

Feel It Still

Few visual elements and a steady beat make this great for beat based haptics
When the visual based events occur, haptics on the beat are lowered to allow the events to push through
Similar to sound design, when you want something to be prominent in a mix you bring other events down…
June 21, 2017

The World’s Biggest Asshole

Simple effects accommodate the start of this video. Doors shutting, items dropping, gun shots
The latter part does not allow for many haptic events but starting a video strong will engage the viewer and most certainly increase retention based on “what will I feel next” curiosity.…
June 21, 2017

Spectacle Of The Real

A lot of different textures in this one. Fire, stretching mouth, smoke, etc. all feel completely different. o To create feeling of stretching bullet, had a light texture that gradually got stronger until it pops and then there is a wave texture for the feel of the bullet being released.…
June 21, 2017

SickKids vs. Undeniable

The subject matter of this video is definitely dark. Haptic treatment is touchy in a video that deals with a more serious subject matter. Light effects enhance the video but do not over power, but at the same time convey an extra level of emotion. This is especially apparent when…
June 21, 2017

Kenzo World

Made all effects exaggerated to emphasize surreal aspect of the ad. o Usually try to ad haptics as soon as possible in a video, but waited until the dancing started because that was the main point of the ad. It helps point out the moment it switches from reality to fantasy. o There…