Mobile Marketing Watch - Immersion Adds Haptics To Wearables

Immersion Inks Realtime Deal To Add Haptics To Wearables

Immersion Inks Realtime Deal to Add Haptics to Wearables – Mobile Advertising News & Information |

This week’s happenings includes the news that Immersion Corp., a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, just signed a license agreement with Shenzhen-based Realtime Technology Co., Ltd. The agreement allows Immersion’s TouchSense Premium solution to be embedded in Realtime’s Pacewear smart wearable products.

Mobile Marketing Watch - Immersion, Onkyo

Immersion, Onkyo Bring TouchSense Technology To High-Fidelity Audio Smartphone

Immersion, Onkyo Bring TouchSense Technology to High-Fidelity Audio Smartphone – Mobile Marketing Watch

Immersion Corp., a developer and licensor of haptic technology, announced this week that it has signed a license agreement with Onkyo Corp., a Japanese leading electronics manufacturer. Onkyo has a wide range of product solutions from luxury audio devices to its newly launched smartphone. We’re told that the agreement enables Onkyo to use Immersion TouchSense® …

Major Brands Get Hip To Haptics

Major Brands Get Hip To Haptics

Major Brands Get Hip To Haptics

A recent video ad for Arby’s showed pro golfer Andrew “Beef” Johnson on the green and pitching the ball into an Arby’s cup. The ad itself was fairly ordinary except for this: If you saw it on an Android phone, you could not only watch and hear Johnson but feel his footsteps as well.

Adcolony App Install Marketing Survey

AdColony and Immersion Team Up for Haptic ‘TouchSense’ Ads

Adcolony App Install Marketing Survey

MAW has been alerted that AdColony and Immersion Corporation will expand their partnership to offer what the firms have named “TouchSense Ads.” The ads, destined for AdColony’s mobile advertising platform, are designed with Immersion’s haptic technology, which leverage the power of touch to improve campaign performance and drive brand engagement.

“By bringing touch to ads, brands and advertisers have an advanced advertising capability to creatively tell their brand story and reach audiences with their messages,” the AdColony crew tells us.

By Michael Wiser, Mobile Advertising Watch

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Mobile advertising with haptics significantly boosts engagement rates – Immersion TouchSense Ads are coming to Teads

Touch can significantly boost engagement and interaction with mobile adverts. That is why, Immersion Corp., the developer of touch feedback technology has partnered with Teads, the outstream video advertising firm, to distribute TouchSense Ads in Latin America and Europe.

TouchSense Ads are based on the Immersion haptic technology and let advertisers and brands create mobile video experiences which are touchable. The agreement with Teads means that TouchSense Ads can now be distributed on its mobile web advertising platform, which paves the way for clients to leverage haptics.

By Anne Freier, MobyAffliantes

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TouchSense Force Plugin Aims to Help VR Game Devs Make Better Haptics, Faster

Founded in 1993, Immersion Corp. designs and licenses haptic technology that’s come to be used in gamepads you’re well familiar with. Now the company is developing a new haptic programming system which aims to help game developers make better haptics effects for their games, faster.

by Ben Lang, Road to VR

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Three Mobile Trends To Watch 2017

Three Mobile Trends to Watch in 2017: Post-MWC Thoughts

Three mobile trends to watch in 2017: Post-MWC thoughts

This year’s Mobile World Congress was arguably less packed with announcements than previous years – but this doesn’t mean mobile is losing its crown in the eyes of marketers. According to the IAB’s digital ad spend report, mobile display grew 56% in H1 2016 and now accounts for over half of digital display advertising, and eMarketer predicts mobile ad spend will top £8.99 billion by 2020.

Immersion Ads You Can Feel

AdColony and Immersion Prolong Their Partnership

Immersion Ads You Can Feel

Immersion Corporation, a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, and Adcolony, which is the biggest mobile advertising platform in the world; have announced that they will extend their partnership to bring Touchsense ads (ads that consumers can feel) to brands and advertisers that place their ads on AdColony’s mobile advertising platform. Created using Immersion’s haptic technology, Touchsense Ads make their campaigns stand out with the power of touch, which ultimately boost consumer engagement and overall ad performance.

Video Advertising News

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