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Our goal is to enable touch everywhere in the digital world. We have experts dedicated to developing new and valuable touch experiences for our customers and partners to bring to market. Our holistic approach, delivering the best possible haptic experiences every step of the way, means we’ll help you create amazing products.

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Our technology enables life-like digital touch feedback across mobile, automotive, gaming, and other consumer experiences. We have a broad set of solutions from use cases and software to tools and services for device manufacturers, haptic hardware companies, designers, and developers.

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Creating high performance haptic experiences doesn’t have to be hard. Immersion’s Partner Program can help you offer your customers high-quality haptic solutions

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Immersion’s works closely with its ecosystem partners to build high-quality digital touch experience. We can help you chose the right part to deliver the haptic experience you envisioned.

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We continue to invest in R&D to push the industry forward in building interactive touch experiences.

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