SD Times News Digest: …And The New Touch Sense SDK For Android Developers

“Immersion Corp. has announced its new TouchSense SDK for mobile apps: a new haptic solution that combines the functionality of the TouchSense SDK for mobile games and the Touch Sense SDK for mobile video into one packaged SDK for Android app developers.”

Yelp launches Yelp Fusion, Microsoft creates Vcpkg tool, and the new Touch Sense SDK for Android developers—SD Times news digest: Sept. 20, 2016

Want To Make Your Game Stand Out In The App Store?

“This new haptic library was developed in collaboration with Immersion Corporation, a developer and licensor of haptic technology. Immersion has been working with mobile developers for the past few years to bring these same tactile effects to well-known mobile titles like Rovio’s Angry Birds Friends, Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series, Ubisoft’s Trials Frontier and Sega’s Sonic series.”

Want to Make Your Game Stand Out in the App Store?

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Adweek RevealsThis Year’s Award Winners

“”THE Campaign” marked 80-year-old Stoli’s effort to reorient its communications around one clear message: It is THE premium vodka… The social-friendly, animated video campaign touched upon their two primary passion points: technology and food, complete with haptic vibrations that could, for example, mimic the sensation of a cocktail shaker.”

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Immersion Launches New Touch Tech Products for Android

Immersion announced the launch of TouchSense Premium and TouchSense Lite, two new touch technology products aimed at providing OEMs more options for implementing Immersion’s TouchSense technology in Android mobile devices. TouchSense technology enables device manufacturers, app developers, and UX designers to design tactile effects meant to enhance the end-user experience for mobile apps and device UI. Immersion said it launched the new products to address the various business goals and production constraints of device manufacturers.

Immersion launches new touch tech products for Android
August 4, 2016–1156473

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CRIWARE Goes Haptic!

Great news for mobile developers!

CRI Middleware integrates Immersion’s TouchSense® technology to make it easier for mobile game developers to incorporate game-changing haptics.

This collaboration brings touch, audio and video solutions together on one platform for game developers, and streamlines the process of adding haptics using Immersion’s industry-changing TouchSense Gaming Software Development Kit (SDK). Through this integration, game developers can use CRIWARE to add tactile effects and feedback to augment mobile games with the sense of touch resulting in an increased level of engagement.

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Yoga Pants That Correct Your Form and the Future of Haptic Fashion

“In addition to being one of our most refined senses, touch is the most intimate. It can grab your attention in a private way that visual and audio cues can’t. Think about the value of touch when you are with your significant other. Just them touching you on the arm or bumping their elbow, Chris Ullrich, the vice president of UX at haptic-focused research company Immersion, says. “These are what we call positive valence. They create a sense of well-being. There’s some serotonin that is released in your brain to make you feel at ease.’”

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