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We’re Making Gaming and VR More Realistic with TouchSense® Force Technology

Immersion is making it easier than ever to implement haptics into gaming and virtual reality experiences with the launch of TouchSense® Force Technology. The new solution enables game developers and peripheral manufacturers to take their products to a whole new level and easily create sensations of pushing, pulling, grasping, and pulsing by integrating high-quality touch… Read more »


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Study Unveils That TouchSense® Ads Lead to 50% Lift in Brand Favorability

TouchSense Ads make you happy & excited. Touch in mobile advertisements is proving to be a powerful way to engage and connect with consumers. In a study released by IPG Media Labs, MAGNA and Immersion Corporation, TouchSense Ads, ads you can feel, increase users’ sense of connection with brands and elicit strong emotional responses. Compared to… Read more »


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A Year in Review

2015 has been a great year for the Immersion team. This year we’re celebrating tremendous progress and great wins for haptics.  The wave of adoption is growing.  For users this means more movie and show trailers with the advance experience of haptics, more devices with tactile features, more games with the excitement of tactile effects… Read more »


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Reaching the always-on, app-centric millennial audience

Engagement is key, and technological advancements in smartphones, including haptics, voice recognition and camera phones, have revolutionized the way in which millennials engage with their devices. – Jason Patton, vice president and general manager or content and media business at Immersion in How to reach the always-on, app-centric millennial audience, Mobile Marketer In an article last… Read more »


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Mobile Video Advertising with Tactile Effects

Immersion and Opera Mediaworks launch mobile video advertising with tactile effects. Opera Mediaworks and Immersion launches touch-enabled mobile advertising on Opera Mediaworks’ ad platform.  In partnership with Stoli® Vodka and Horizon Media, the first ad creative to launch with this capability is “Stoli: THE Vodka” campaign – an animation with a woman shaking a Stoli… Read more »


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Communicating with Aliens – Haptics the Common Language

When Raj from CBS’s The Big Bang Theory was tasked by NASA to come up with a delivery system for a universal message in case one of NASA’s Discovery missions encounter aliens (The Communication Deterioration episode, aired April 16, 2015), he enlists his fellow scientists for help. After trading theories and arguing in a side… Read more »


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Balancing the Mobile Experience of Movies with Haptics

The shift towards mobile is here. There is no denying that in the past 10 years the viewing habits of the consumer have trended towards consumption via smaller, more mobile devices. This poses a conundrum for directors who aim to craft their stories for a theatrical experience. How does a director who stages scenes for… Read more »