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Introducing Games You Can Feel

The world of gaming is changing, Immersion is leading the charge. In collaboration with Google, we’ve launched a new category of mobile games – Games You Can Feel, spotlighted this week in the games section on Google Play. The games feature TouchSense® Engage, Immersion’s haptic technology for making mobile games rumble, shake, pop, and zap… Read more »


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The story with China: The surge in tactile user experiences

When it comes to China – the competition is hot. Hotter yet is China’s ability to quickly adopt new technology and shake up consumer expectations. Immersion is experiencing this first-hand. There is an urgency from China businesses to be the first to do the next best thing. In China, the content market is driving growth,… Read more »


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Immersion’s TouchSense Engage Blows Away Mobile Viewers

If you haven’t heard by now, the first ever haptically-enabled trailer debuted last September. The season four trailer of Showtime’s Emmy and Golden Globe-winning hit series, Homeland, was the first to leverage Immersion’s TouchSense Engage technology to give viewers a hands-on feel for the suspense, excitement and drama that they could expect from Homeland this… Read more »


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Haptics was Big in 2014. Here’s to a Even Bigger 2015!

Haptics started off 2014 strong, as one of JWT Intelligence 100 Things to Watch in 2014. And that was just the beginning – during the remainder of the year the haptic development just kept coming. There were haptic-enabled bicycles, shoes, rings, and space robots…yes, space robots. Haptic innovations was grabbed the attention of innovators and… Read more »


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Immersive Entertainment Steals the Show at CES 2015

For those of us in the content business, the big draw at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show was the intense focus on immersive entertainment and technology. (CES highlights the focus on Immersive Entertainment from gaming and other entertainment companies on the show floor.) When you think immersive anything, haptics has to be a part… Read more »


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Feel the Love For Indie Games

While gamers and developers alike enjoy the blockbuster games from major studios, there will always be something charming about the indie game. They are typically a little quirkier, bolder with their style and not afraid to try new things; some even blur the line between games and art. This can be seen in everything from… Read more »