Quick Tip #4 – Enhancing Slide & Drag Gestures

A commonly used gesture, Slides or Drags are used to reposition objects, resize windows, set and change the position of sliders, and scroll.  Since most slide gestures are continuously controlling UI elements along one degree of freedom, haptic feedback effects should be used to indicate that subdivisions of that continuous degree of freedom are being… Read more »

Handy Games Launches Apps With Immersion Haptics

Destruction is the name of the game in the three new app updates released on Google Play from renown game developer, HandyGames . Bulldozer, Guns and Glory WWII and Farm Invasion have all been refreshed with Immersion’s Haptic Development Platform to add touch feedback to these popular titles, which already boast millions of downloads and stellar user reviews. HandyGames… Read more »

Feel the Payne – Max Payne Mobile Launches with Haptics

Rockstar Games recently launched the Android version of Max Payne on Google Play, complete with Immersion haptic effects.  This is the second title from Rockstar Games to incorporate Immersion technology (Grand Theft Auto III also comes to life with touch feedback).  Max Payne incorporates some engaging touch effects we’re pretty proud of.  Through haptics, you can feel Max… Read more »

Quick Tip #2: With Haptic Design, Less is More

The first time a user experiences a haptic touch system, they frequently want the haptic playback to feel as strong as possible to understand the high-end limits of the tactile response. However, our research shows that users become more sensitive to haptic effects over time. In everyday use, consumers generally prefer a much more muted… Read more »

Developer Spotlight: ViBe – Feel Your Call

Base 2 Applications’ ViBe Android app just passed over 500k downloads. Our guest blogger Paul Benjamin, Co-Founder of Base 2 Applications, shares his experience of designing and marketing a successful Android app. If you’re headed to CTIA next week in New Orleans, be sure to stop by to see Base 2 Applications in booth 4473… Read more »