Feel the Love For Indie Games

While gamers and developers alike enjoy the blockbuster games from major studios, there will always be something charming about the indie game. They are typically a little quirkier, bolder with their style and not afraid to try new things; some even blur the line between games and art. This can be seen in everything from… Read more »

Boo! Scary Feeling Games

Get your spooky gaming groove on with some great feeling Android games. The Spookening by Modesty is a top-down 3D arcade action game with Tim Burton-like styling and humor. You play a character in Clifftown who dies a different whacky death each level and needs to scare local villages enough to revive his soul before… Read more »

What has 700K legs and wants to play?

What has 700,000 legs and wants to play? The crowd attending the annual Gamescom show at the Koeln Messe (convention center), Germany!  Gamescom is the world’s largest video game trade show, with about 350K visitors this year. Most of the booths have rows and rows of dedicated computers where members of the public can try… Read more »

Tips for Publishing Apps in China

The Great Wall of China is a series of linked fortifications built more than 2000 years ago by the first Emperor of China. The intended purpose of this wall was to deter invaders but ironically, the Great Wall has today become one of China’s premier tourist attractions, drawing about 10 million visitors a year. I… Read more »

F2P Monetization Tips

If you’re a game developer, how frequently do you check in with the gamasutra.com website? Recently, I enjoyed an article there that deserves a wider airing.  Blogger and game developer Ramin Shokrizade describes in detail some of the monetization techniques that he has seen used in F2P (“free to play”) games.  Since the casual gaming… Read more »